Soft and small

Small, white flowers on a colourful background

I’m continuing with the flower theme this week–and next week, too, probably. That’s what happens when I take a whole bunch of pictures at once, you see.

Unlike last week, however, today I have a two different flowers for you. Well, two different types, at least. Clearly there are more than two flowers in the picture above.

I’m actually really happy with how that particular picture came out. I’ve tried photographing little flowers like that before, and I’ve always had some trouble with it. I have such a hard time getting the flowers themselves in focus. I don’t think I did too bad a job of it this time, though. And they look so soft and pretty on their colourful background.

A close-up of a simple pink carnation on a blue background

The other picture I’m sharing today is more simple. Just a little pink carnation, midway through blooming.

Carnations are some of my favourite flowers–they have been for as long as I can remember. I’ve talked before about how much I love them. It’s only natural that love would carry over into photographing them.

This one isn’t as colourful as some of the others I’ve photographed in the past, but that makes it pretty in its own right, don’t you think? It has a softness about it, just like the flowers in the first picture. I can’t help wanting to reach out and touch its little petals again.

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