Where I got my love of food

Cooking and baking are two of my favourite activities. You’ve probably figured that out by now, if you’re a regular reader of my blog. I’ve shared a fair number of recipes and recipe reviews over the years.

A question I often get asked, once people catch on to my love of food, is where this love came from. The answer, as far as I can tell, is simple: from my mom.

When I think of cooking, I think of my mom. I think of the French Onion Soup she learned to make because it was such a family favourite at restaurants. I think of the spaghetti sauce recipe she perfected by shadowing my great grandpa whenever he came to visit. I think of the Yorkshire puddings that I only ever remember her making, of the perogies that took over the kitchen table as she folded them by hand, and of the countless home-cooked meals we’ve enjoyed throughout my life.

My mom’s kitchen–like many of those you’ll read about in Wayfair’s #MyMothersKitchen stream–was and continues to be a place of delicious, loving memories. It may not have held much of the modern furniture and extra storage you can buy today, but what it did hold was something better: good food, good people, and a whole lot of love.

This post was written as part of Wayfair’s #MyMothersKitchen. More stories will be added as Mothers Day approaches, so sure to to keep checking the hashtag.

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