New year, new plans

Does 2020 feel like a big year to anyone else? Maybe it's because it's a new decade, or maybe it's the repetition of numbers. Or it could be the idea of such a famous 1900s decade "coming back." I'm not really sure of the cause, but, regardless, 2020 feels significant. Though it's also entirely possible... Continue Reading →

Bullet journals: Creating your key

Alright, have you picked out your bullet journal yet? Have you figured out what you want in it? Maybe you've even started using it and you don't even need this post. I wouldn't blame you--I was pretty excited to design mine when I first started, too. For those who haven't quite gotten started yet, though,... Continue Reading →

Bullet journals: Getting started

Organization is somehow one of both my strong points and my weak points. When I’m organized, I’m really organized: I know exactly what I’m doing, when, and for how long. When I’m not organized, though… well, let’s just say that my days end up being about as productive as a sloth that hasn’t eaten in... Continue Reading →

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