Lemony fresh

I don’t back with lemons nearly as much as I should. A lemony baked good just tends to taste fresher than a lot of others, somehow. Brighter, sharper.

A couple weeks back, this realization hit me pretty hard, and I suddenly had a strong craving for lemon muffins. Not with lemon with cranberries or poppy seeds or any other add-ins, just lemon.

A lemon beside zest and a zester.

So I found a new recipe—this one, from Baker by Nature. Admittedly, I left off the crumb and the glaze, but the muffins didn’t suffer for it. They turned out wonderfully, and I’ll definitely be turning to the recipe again at some point.

Even if the recipe hadn’t turned out, though, some good still came out of the process. This picture, for one, and getting to enjoy the scent of freshly zested lemon. I really do need to incorporate that into my life more.

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