Cover reveal: The Lost and the Scarred, by T. Marie Alexander

Sometimes, I can’t exactly put my finger on what, exactly, I love about a book’s cover. There’s just something in the way everything comes together, the way the colours mesh with the fonts, the way the models mesh with the accents… just, everything.

Such is the case with the cover of The Lost and the Scarred, by T. Marie Alexander. It’s a really pretty cover, but there isn’t one particular element that I can point to as being the reason why I think so. It’s just the cover as a whole that I like.

Don’t just take my word for it, though. Go ahead and take a look for yourself.

The cover of The Lost and the Scarred, by T. Marie Alexander

So, do you agree with me? There’s just something about that purple hue and the way the models are faded that makes you want to know more?

About The Lost and the Scarred


When I was six, Wran Belmont found me buried in snow and gave me a place to live.

He became my best friend.

When I was fifteen, I gave him all of me—only for him to abandon me.

Now, he’s back and expecting the lost, scarred girl he’s left behind. I’m not that girl anymore. And while I may still have secrets, it will not be as easy for him to retrieve them this time around.


When I was eleven, my father lost his job and became a pathetic excuse for a father. A few months later I found Roxanna Raine buried in snow, barely hanging on to life.

Her father was the reason mine was an alcoholic, and I thought about letting her freeze to death.

One look in her eyes and she became my kryptonite. I swore I would get my revenge, though, even if it was on the fair-skinned beauty.

When I was nineteen, I left Rox without an explanation—broken-hearted and even more lost.

Now, I’m back and I’ll do anything to make up for the stolen time.

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