Book recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

A copy of Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng, beside a camera

This is another one of those posts that’s coming to you later than I meant it to, but means no less to me because of that. I read Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere earlier in the summer, as part of a book club. I really quite enjoyed it, and knew as soon as I started it that I would be posting a recommendation for it.

It just… took me a while to actually write that recommendation. That’s due to no fault of the book, of course. Trust me. This is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up and start reading for yourself.

Let me tell you a little more about it.

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Book trailer: Love, Cutter, by Michelle Jester

I love a good book trailer. True, they generally aren’t as fancy as movie trailers, but they really don’t need to be. All they need to do is provide a sense of what to expect from the book. Just give me some good visuals, nice audio, and a few quotes from the book or summary, and I’m happy.

This trailer for Michelle Jester’s Love, Cutter does exactly that. It’s a straightforward trailer, letting you know exactly what you can expect to find in the novel. And, I have to say, I’m looking forward to what it’s hinting at.

Before you take a look at the trailer, though, jump on over to Michelle’s Rafflecopter, where she’s giving away a $20 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of Love, Cutter.

Alright. Ready to watch the trailer?

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A Q&A with Brandy Woods Snow, author of Meant To Be Broken

I love when I get to feature books and authors here twice. Back in May, I helped to reveal the cover of Brandy Woods Snow’s Meant To Be Broken. Today, I’m happy to be welcoming Brandy and her novel back to the blog–this time for a Q&A post.

Q&As are a wonderful way of getting to know an author and their book, and I just know you’re going to enjoy Brandy’s answers. She talks a bit today about a lot of different things, including her favourite under-appreciated novel, what draws her to write young adult novels, and what she would tell her younger writing self.

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A Q&A with Happy LaShelle, author of According to Audrey

Few people are unfamiliar with the name “Audrey Hepburn.” At the same time, few people are as devoted to finding Audrey’s style of love as the main character of Happy LaShelle’s new book, According to Audrey, appears to be. The story sounds super sweet, and I can’t wait to read it; I’m sure you’ll agree once you hear more about it.

Happy is here today to talk not only about her book, but also about the authors that influenced her as child and her advice for young writers. She has some great things to say, and I don’t want to keep you from them from much longer.

Before you get to her Q&A, though, make sure you take a moment to stop by her Rafflecopter, where she’s giving away a¬†Clean Teen Publishing Mystery Box.

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Cover reveal: Meant To Be Broken, by Brandy Woods Snow

I love when a book’s cover does the perfect job of setting the mood for the book itself. It could be because of the pictures used, or maybe the font, or possibly some indescribable element or combination of elements.

When it comes to the cover of Brandy Woods Snow’s Meant To Be Broken, I think it’s the colours and the feature image that bring out the novel’s tone. They’re wonderfully warm and sweet, putting you in the perfect mood to start reading.

Ready to take a look?

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