A Q&A with Laney Wylde, author of If She Were Blind

Do you remember when I featured an excerpt from Laney Wylde’s If She Were Blind a couple of weeks ago? Well, today I’m happy to be welcoming Laney back, this time to answer a few questions for us.

She’ll be talking about everything from some of the secrets hidden in her book to the genres that she most enjoys reading. She has some great things to say–especially about If She Were Blind–and I’m sure you’ll enjoy hearing from her.

But rather than me telling you about what she wants to say, how about we just jump right into things?

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Book excerpt: If She Were Blind, by Laney Wylde

There was something in the summary of Laney Wylde’s If She Were Blind that instantly caught my attention. Maybe it was the idea of someone unknowingly trying to hire an assassin to target herself. Maybe it was promise of a tense mix of suspense and romance.

Then again, maybe it was the comparison to Veronica Mars. I do love that show, after all.

Regardless, something drew me in, and I couldn’t wait to read at least a little of this promising book. Today, we’re all lucky enough to check out an excerpt. Before we do, though, take a moment to enter Laney’s rafflecopter, where she’s giving away a Justice Always t-shirt.

Alright, ready?

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Book recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

A copy of Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng, beside a camera

This is another one of those posts that’s coming to you later than I meant it to, but means no less to me because of that. I read Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere earlier in the summer, as part of a book club. I really quite enjoyed it, and knew as soon as I started it that I would be posting a recommendation for it.

It just… took me a while to actually write that recommendation. That’s due to no fault of the book, of course. Trust me. This is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up and start reading for yourself.

Let me tell you a little more about it.

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Book trailer: Love, Cutter, by Michelle Jester

I love a good book trailer. True, they generally aren’t as fancy as movie trailers, but they really don’t need to be. All they need to do is provide a sense of what to expect from the book. Just give me some good visuals, nice audio, and a few quotes from the book or summary, and I’m happy.

This trailer for Michelle Jester’s Love, Cutter does exactly that. It’s a straightforward trailer, letting you know exactly what you can expect to find in the novel. And, I have to say, I’m looking forward to what it’s hinting at.

Before you take a look at the trailer, though, jump on over to Michelle’s Rafflecopter, where she’s giving away a $20 Amazon gift card and a signed copy of Love, Cutter.

Alright. Ready to watch the trailer?

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A Q&A with Brandy Woods Snow, author of Meant To Be Broken

I love when I get to feature books and authors here twice. Back in May, I helped to reveal the cover of Brandy Woods Snow’s Meant To Be Broken. Today, I’m happy to be welcoming Brandy and her novel back to the blog–this time for a Q&A post.

Q&As are a wonderful way of getting to know an author and their book, and I just know you’re going to enjoy Brandy’s answers. She talks a bit today about a lot of different things, including her favourite under-appreciated novel, what draws her to write young adult novels, and what she would tell her younger writing self.

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