Monthly update: June 2019

Well, guys, it’s June. That means a lot of things in my world, including:

  • It’s summer;
  • The weather is wonderfully warm, if drier than we’d like;
  • My regular work is extra busy; and
  • This year, it’s time for a bit of a reset.

Some of those things may very well be applicable in your world, too, and they’re all pretty important to a lot of us. But it’s that last point I want to focus on today.

As I mentioned in yesterday’s photo post, May didn’t go so great. I burned out, got sick, and just generally didn’t get things done. I’ve fallen behind in a lot of my writing- and photography-related goals because of it, including how often I post here. Heck, I didn’t even get a Monthly Update post up for May.

So, I’m resetting a few things in June. I took a bit of a mental break at the end of May and first few days of June, and then reassessed my goals and when I can reach them. And, while my progress may not be as fast as I’d like it to be, I’m happy to say that I think I’ve come up with a plan that’s more achievable.

June’s goals

  1. Finish 90% of CD revisions
  2. Send 5 queries for BC
  3. Submit a short story for publication
  4. Continue edits on another short story

Okay, so I know I was supposed to have those CD revisions finished by now. And I am three-quarters of the way through them. Then that burn-out hit, and, well, I stalled out. So I figure the 90% mark is realistic by the end of June.

For the queries and the short story submission, both goals are something that really shouldn’t be as hard as I’m making them. It’s really just a bit of fear that’s holding me back, I think. So if I push past that, I can easily achieve those two goals.

And finally, I’ve already started edits on one of my other short stories, so all I really have to do is keep working on them. I don’t know how far I’ll realistically get, though, which is why I don’t want to set a percentage or anything. For now, just continuing will be enough.

Besides those firm goals, I’ll also be continuing to work on my photography. I added a couple of new choices to my Print Shop in April and May, and I’d like to keep up the trend of adding something new each month.

So that’s June—or what I hope June will be, at least. A warm month, a good month, a reset month.

What about yours?

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