Book recommendation: If She Were Blind, by Laney Wylde

An ebook copy of If She Were Blind, by Laney Wylde, beside two martini glasses

Alright, so you’ve probably noticed that I’ve brought Laney Wylde and If She Were Blind to my blog twice already–once with an excerpt and then again with a Q&A. And now I’m bringing them up again in a book recommendation.

I promise, though, that reading about them here multiple times is worth it. If She Were Blind is a great book; one of the most gripping I’ve read in a while, actually. I started it one afternoon, expecting to take at least a few days to read it.

I finished it that same evening.

Once you understand why I had so much trouble putting the book down, you might want to go ahead and pick it up yourself. Believe me, you won’t regret it if you do. 

Estlyn Collins’ “legal” service, After Twelve, may not provide the most traditional form of justice, but it gets results. Enough so that the business has earned a stellar reputation for being the place to go when the courts have failed you. But that backfires when one of the potential clients to approach Estlyn is seeking vengeance against her. Unsure of what to do, Estlyn seeks temporary solace in the arms of a man who, it turns out, may not be so temporary.

Here’s the thing about If She Were Blind: It’s an entirely addictive story. Everything from Estlyn’s business to her past pulls you in and makes you want to learn more. And what you learn, somehow, drags you in even further.

Not only that, but I love the very idea of Estlyn’s job. She helps people get justice when the court system has failed them. Yet, she doesn’t do it in ways that would be considered illegal. I can’t really say more than that without giving anything away; just know that what she does is creative and effective. It’s great.

Like I said, the overall effect of all of this is that I ended up reading the book in less than a day, which is something that hasn’t happened in a long time. I just couldn’t help wanting to know how everything turned out, as soon as I possibly could. And I wanted to see if certain characters figured certain things out, and how they reacted if or when they did. There was just so much I needed to know.

Goodreads summary

Not everyone can get justice the traditional way—that’s where Estlyn Collins comes in. A young lawyer in Santa Monica, her “legal” service, After Twelve, works outside the courtroom to tip the scales when the justice system has failed.

For a price.

Thanks to her powerful underground network, Estlyn’s success rate is stellar, and her inbox stays filled with inquires from the desperate and vengeful. But when one of those names is a ghost from her past seeking vengeance against her, she’s shaken to her core. Off balance and scared to be alone, she makes an impulsive move for a guy. He’s a complication she doesn’t have time for, but it turns out he may also be an unlikely—if unwitting—asset.

Treading the rapidly thinning line between personal and professional, Estlyn pursues her target while outrunning the one on her own back—only to find she may be running into a lot more than she bargained for.

IF SHE WERE BLIND is the first book in the engaging New Adult series AFTER TWELVE by author Laney Wylde. Perfect for fans of THE HATE YOU GIVE by Angie Thomas, and television shows like REVENGE, SCANDAL, and VERONICA MARS, the AFTER TWELVE Series is a gritty social-issue drama that delivers steamy romance, intrigue, and the most bittersweet revenge plots. Estlyn’s determination to right every wrong is sure to quench your thirst for justice, yet leave you wanting more.

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