Relax and practice

Pink bath salts

Practice makes perfect, right? That’s a total cliche, I know. It’s something I tend to tell myself fairly often, though, because I like to think that, while I may never reach “perfect”, practice can at least help me reach “fairly good.”

That’s what taking this picture was about–practicing. I wasn’t trying to tell a particular story with it, or capture something I wanted to remember, or anything else momentous. I just wanted to practice focusing on a particular area of an image. I figured the individual pieces of Epsom salt would make for a pretty good challenge in that regard.

I was right about that challenge; I had some trouble landing my focus in just the right spot to achieve the image I had in my head. In the end, though, I did a fairly decent job of it, and I’m happy with how this particular picture turned out.

So do you know what I did? I gave myself permission to take some of those bath salts and use them during some relaxation time. It was an absolutely wonderful reward.

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