Monthly update: October 2018

So it’s October, huh? Remember back in September’s update, when I was looking forward to fall? Well, fall hasn’t exactly happened here. We had a few days of it, then, apparently, skipped right to winter.

It hasn’t snowed for a day or two, though, so maybe fall is going to make more of an appearance. I’m going to go ahead and hope for that.

Anyway, let’s get back to my little update.

September’s goals

  1. Fix antagonist’s arc in CD
  2. Finish brainstorming edits for BC
  3. Finish Judy Blume’s writing class on MasterClass
  4. Edit 1 short story

September was an exceptionally busy month, though not entirely unsuccessful. I did manage to finish brainstorming my edits for BC, and I edited one of my short stories. I even made some progress in my antagonist’s arc in CD.

I didn’t, however, finish fixing that antagonist’s arc, nor did I finish Judy Blume’s writing class. My evenings just filled up more than I expected.

But, hey, two out of four isn’t too bad, right?

Writing update

As I said, I did manage to get a fair bit of writing done in September, it just wasn’t quite as much as I would have liked. Most of it was focused on finishing my overall edits on CD, then working on starting on fixing that antagonist arc. I also found a place to send one of my short stories, so I’ll be accomplishing that mini goal pretty quickly.

Print Shop update

I didn’t do a whole lot in relation to my Print Shop in September, other than a little bit of promotion. That promo went well, though. While it didn’t result in a whole lot of sales, it did drive a lot of people to the shop itself. It’s good to know that people like what they see enough to click through.

October’s goals

  1. Finish antagonist’s arc in CD
  2. Make all BC edits
  3. Edit 1 short story
  4. Finish Judy Blume’s writing class on Master Class

Yes, some of those are the same as last month. But, clearly, it’s for good reason. I need to get those two unaccomplished goals finished, and I have another short story that I want to finish editing.

The BC one, meanwhile, is just a continuation of last months. There aren’t a whole lot of edits that need to be made, so I should be able to make them all in October.

Overall, I’m feeling like October could be a good month. How about you? Do you have any big plans for the month?

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