Monthly update: November 2017

Is everybody ready for a nice November?

Hm. “Nice” doesn’t seem positive enough. Neat? No, not strong enough. Noble? Newsworthy? Nifty?

Well, I’ll let you pick your favourite n-adjective. I’m going to go with notable. Having a “notable November” seems like a good thing to aim for, especially with the goals I have planned for the month.

Before I get too far into November, though, let’s take a look back at October.

October’s goals

  • Submit a short story for possible publication
  • Get at least 20,000 words of CD revised
  • Be more active on social media
  • Publish one photo blog post per week

Do you know what feels pretty notable already? I accomplished everything on that list. I even exceeded my CD goal–I made it to 24,000 words instead of my targeted 20,000. That one was particularly satisfying.

Plus, I checked another big, but not mentioned, goal off my list: I launched a Facebook page. I do post things there that don’t end up on my blog or other social media, so go ahead and check the page out. And, of course, give it a follow if you like what you see.

Accomplishing all of that puts me on some pretty decent footing for November. Let me show you this month’s goals.

November’s goals

  • Get to at least 35,000 words in CD
  • Post to Instagram at least three times per week
  • Finish my Witch novel for NaNoWriMo

That list may look short, but it’s going to be challenging, especially that last bullet. But I can’t just skip NaNoWriMo, now can I? I considered it, since I have a pretty good groove going with everything else, but I just couldn’t do it. Instead I aimed for a less strenuous goal than I normally would for the month-long event: finishing a manuscript that’s already two-thirds of the way finished.

So that’s how my November is looking. What about yours? Do you have any big goals for the month?

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