Cover reveal: Welcome to Your Life, by Katrina Marie

Something about the summary for Welcome to Your Life, by Katrina Marie, struck me as soon as I read it. I’m not entirely sure what it was, but I think it had something to do with the single mother angle.

Whatever it was that struck me, it prompted me to sign up to take part in the cover reveal. I’m quite glad I did; this is a pretty one.

I love the colors of the font, especially against the black and white background. It makes for such a nice contrast, don’t you think?

About the Book

Tonya discovers she’s pregnant a month after breaking up with her high school boyfriend, Jake. She can’t decide whether to tell Jake she’s pregnant when he sees her at the mall with a maternity bag.

Tonya struggles to adjust to working, attending the local community college, and pushing off Jake’s advances to get back together. When she’s paired with the good looking guy from her Art class, Reaf, she has to battle the confusing emotions swirling through her brain and heart.

Can she find love, herself, and become the parent she hopes to be while dealing with pregnancy hormones and drama?

About the Author

Katrina Marie lives in the Dallas area with her husband, two children, and fur baby. She is a lover of all things geeky and Gryffindor for life. This is her debut novel and she hopes you enjoy reading it as much as she enjoyed writing it.

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