Author of influence: Christopher Moore

Remember last month, when I told you a bit about how Meg Cabot influenced my writing? Well, today I want to tell you a bit about another author who’s had an effect on me: Christopher Moore.

Moore is the author of fifteen novels, including international bestsellers Lamb, A Dirty Job, and You Suck. His novels primarily fall into the adult category, and most have a supernatural spin. I’ve recommended three of Moore’s books here already: A Dirty Job, Coyote Blue, and Practical Demonkeeping.

So, why did Moore have such an impact on my writing? Because of the way he combines fantasy and humour. He brings the two together seamlessly, melding them into something that, when I first read his work, I hadn’t seen before.

Now, of course, I’ve been able to find other novels that combine the two genres in ways similar to Moore’s. However, that doesn’t change the fact that Moore’s was the first of the type that I came across. It was his work that inspired me to incorporate some of the same style into my own writing.

This isn’t to say I blend humour into all of my work; it doesn’t quite fit with everything I write. But I am able to sprinkle into most of my novels, in whatever way best fits each piece. I find it’s a delicate sort of skill, that balancing of humour with serious plots. I can’t say that I always pull it off, but, thanks to methods used by Moore and authors like him, I’ve been able to make some progress in learning how to do so.

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