Sweet and sour


I’m not generally a big fan of sour foods, but there’s something about lemons in baking that I just adore. Lemon Loaf was a regular entry in my baking rotation a few years back, and I still get a craving for it now and then.

Last week I had a particularly strong craving. But I also wanted something sweet to complement the sour. That’s where the strawberries came into play; a swirl of strawberries through the lemon loaf seemed like the perfect addition.

I’ll be posting the recipe next week, but for now I wanted to share this photo. It was my favourite photo from the batch I took for the recipe post; there are so many elements in it that I love. The fuzz on the strawberry leaves, the texture of each the strawberries and the lemon, the red against the yellow. It just makes me feel happy, for some reason.

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