Colours of spring


Flowers are quickly becoming some of my favourite photography subjects. I think that’s for a few different reasons: the different colours, the different types of petals, and all of the textures you can capture if you just get close enough.

Regardless, whenever I have them in the house, I end up doing a little mini photo-shoot with them. A couple of weeks ago, when I brought home the flowers my parents had left at their house while they went on vacation, was no exception.


The bouquet was a mix of daisies and carnations. I’ve mentioned before that I love carnations, and I won’t hesitate to say that they’re one of my favourite flowers. But it was the daisies that called out to me this time.

Their colours were just so bright… they immediately made me think of spring. And while we haven’t exactly had a strong winter here–definitely nothing like what we would usually have–I wouldn’t mind a little springtime scenery.


I love the way these three pictures came out. And, of all the photos I’ve taken recently, that blue one up at the top is easily one of my favourites.

Have you been able to find a little taste of spring this winter? Or has your area been seeing a fairly mild winter season, too?

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