From the car window

As you may remember, I put off last weekend’s photo post because I was on a mini-vacation. I travelled down to Minot, ND, with a few family members. We spent the weekend shopping, relaxing, and just generally having a good time.

I didn’t get very many photos on the trip–none of us are very keen on having our picture taken–but I did manage to get a few good ones from the backseat while we were driving there and back again. I wanted to share them here with you today.

Here’s that big, beautiful Prairie sky I’ve talked about before:


Every once in a while, we passed by a creek or dugout that was partially frozen. I loved the different colours in the ice and water, and the way this particular creek snaked through the landscape:

There were plenty of old, abandoned-looking farmhouses in the fields along the highway. I tried getting pictures of most of them, but this was the one that turned out the best:

My gaze has always been drawn to cat-tails. There’s just something so soothing about them, especially when they’re reflected in the water:


And this is just another example of the pretty colours that swirled through the water on the side of the highway:


Now, this last picture is a little different from the others. It was one of the first ones I took, but something wasn’t quite right about it the way it was. When I flipped it into sepia, though, everything fit:


Those pictures represent some of the reasons why I love driving through the prairies. I know plenty of people who say that such a drive would be boring–they say there’s nothing to see. But I’ve never been able to stop myself from wondering where they’re possibly looking, if they don’t notice such beautiful scenery.

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