A quick update

Hello, readers! I’m not sure how many post-to-post readers I actually have, but I just wanted to leave a quick note here for anyone who does check in this week.

As I’m sure you noticed, I missed yesterday’s book recommendation. I’m very sorry about that, but I just wasn’t able to pull one together. This past week has been a bit rough on me; I won’t go into details, but the sum of it is little sleep and a week-long headache coming together to leave me nearly exhausted. I’ve had enough energy for my day-job, but not much else, unfortunately.

So, I hope you don’t mind if I take a bit of a break this week. I need to kick this headache, while also catching up on my work outside of my job – things like housework, preparation work for this blog, and revisions to my personal writing. But I promise to be back on Monday with a new book recommendation for you, so I hope you won’t be too upset my lack of posts this week.

Anyway, have a good week, and I’ll be back soon!

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