A few of my favourite things, day 2: Writing blogs

First off, merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it! I’m off with my family today, but I put this together for you to carry on with my week of favourites.

Today, I’m going to tell you about the writing blogs I like to visit most often.

Now, I visit a lot of writing-related sites each day. Some of them are communities, some are entertainment, and some are informational. If I listed my favourites out of all of them, then this list would be far too long. So instead, I’m just going to focus on the information blogs that I like to visit.

Some of these blogs are run by authors, some by agents, and some by aspiring authors. But all of them have provided me with valuable information over the past year. So here they are, in no particular order:

  • Writer Unboxed: This blog features articles from a variety of writers. Their posts touch on everything from writing for children to writing for adults, nailing your first sentence and landing the ending.
  • Jane Friedman: Jane Friedman’s blog looks mainly at the relationship between writing and publishing. It’s a great source for writers who want that extra look at the publishing world, while also getting a bit of writing advice.
  • Daily Writing Tips: This blog focuses on the more technical aspects of writing. If you’re having a bit of trouble with spelling, grammar or punctuation, it’s one of the places you want to check out.
  • Writer’s Digest: This is one of the most diverse writing blogs availble. They run interviews with agents, articles from writers, writing prompts, and a large variety of other articles. And there’s a pretty consistent flow of contests and online classes.
  • Pub(lishing) Crawl: Run by a group of writers and agents, Pub(lishing) Crawl features articles full of writing advice. They also help writers better understand what they can expect from the querying process, the submission process, life after being published, and everything in between.

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  1. Pub Crawl is a great site, I always look forward to reading their posts! I’ll have to check out some of the others you mentioned.

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