Daisy, daisy

Sometimes I don't get to shoot exactly what I'd like to for the photo challenges I take part in. And, no, I don't mean I don't want to take part in the themes; I haven't really disliked any of them so far. I've found some really tough, yes, sometimes to the point where I haven't... Continue Reading →


I have to be honest: I was only able to get back to my photo challenge last week because of how loose the theme was. We were told only that our picture had to be one we took within 24 shots—no particular subject or angle or technique needed. Just a limited number of shutter clicks.... Continue Reading →


I got a bit creative with last week's photo challenge theme. Not with the photo itself, really. It's clearly the type of photo I take fairly often. The theme last week was "Curves". I had originally wanted to go outside and find something, but it got chilly out, so that didn't happen. Instead, I chose... Continue Reading →

Light attaches

Last week's photo challenge was a really interesting one. We were asked to photograph a line from a song, and given extra credit if we used the first one the 52Frames line generator gave us. I decided to go all out and try the generator. The line it gave me actually struck me, too: "All... Continue Reading →

A method of coping

I fell out of the habit of taking part in the 52Frames photo challenge for a couple of weeks. It was a few things that caused this, really: a lack of inspiration, a lack of energy, a lack of time. Last week, though, I was determined to get back on track. In part because this... Continue Reading →

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