Getting Cookie to eat more hay

Cookie hasn't been entirely happy with me lately. Did you know that a rabbit's diet is supposed to be made up mostly of hay? She and I both do, but she doesn't like the fact. She prefers eating her pellets and greens. And her treats, of course. Over the past couple of years, I've slowly... Continue Reading →

New Year 2018

It's officially 2018! Which feels a bit odd, to be honest. Last year passed in a bit of a blur, for a lot of different reasons: it was busy, it was emotional, and it was filled with opportunities and challenges. This year is likely to be the same, with a couple of it's own unique... Continue Reading →

Staying organized with: A bullet journal

Welcome to the second installment in my mini-series of posts on staying organized! Last month, I talked about how an online calendar helps me figure out everything from my monthly blog schedule to my daily schedule. Today, I want to tell you about the second step in my organizational process: my bullet journal. The concept... Continue Reading →

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