Monthly update: August 2018

It’s August and… it’s way too hot. Seriously. You have no idea how much I’m looking forward to Monday, when this heat wave is supposed to break.

Anyway, let’s talk about other things. More specifically, let’s talk about the reason for this post: My monthly update. Sure, it’s a week later than usual, but that’s better than not providing one at all, right?

Well, in my mind it is, at least. So I’m going to go ahead and launch right into things by looking back at July.

July’s goals

  1. Fix antagonist’s arc in CD
  2. Catch up on emailed webinars
  3. Brainstorm edits for BC
  4. Make a list of possible craft sale opportunities

Sadly, I didn’t do great in July. I did manage to catch up on most of my emailed webinars, and I started fixing my antagonist’s arc in CD. But I didn’t finish either of those goals, and I didn’t start goals three and four.

July just ended up being busier than I expected it to. That said, I’m fairly happy with the progress I did make during the month, and it’s already carrying me forward nicely in August. So I should do fairly well this month.

Writing update

I’m particularly happy with this area. Though I didn’t accomplish all of my writing goals in July, I do feel like I’m back on track, writing-wise. My writing time is more productive again, and words have been flowing well. While I’ve been making other goals, I feel like productive and satisfying writing time is enough right now, too.

Print shop update

I added a few new pictures to my Print Shop in July–some shots from our time at the lake back in June. They did really well when I posted them on social media throughout the month, so I’d definitely encourage you to check them out. Especially if you have an interest in fishing.

Now, it’s time to talk about August. Admittedly, this is going to look pretty much the same as July, but, hey, I’m going to give myself permission to let that happen.

August goals

  1. Fix antagonist’s arc in CD
  2. Brainstorm edits for BC
  3. Make a list of possible craft sale opportunities
  4. Start Judy Blume’s writing class on MasterClass

Like I said, it’s pretty much the same as in July, except I switched out my learning opportunity.  Since I’ve pretty much caught up on my emailed webinars, I wanted to try something new. There was a different class I wanted to sign up for, but I had to put that one on hold for now; I’m hoping to get to it next month, if I can. It’s been a while since I used my MasterClass membership, however, so I figured I’d try another one. Judy Blume’s class seems like a good one.

As for my other goals, I’ve already been making some progress. I’ve found one craft sale opportunity so far (thanks to a family member!), and I’ve been working hard on that CD manuscript. I’m hoping to have some great results to share with you in September.

How about you? How’s your August looking so far?

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