Monthly update: June 2018

June. How did it get to be June already?

Things have been… well. They’ve somehow managed to be both busy and not busy for me. April and May both kicked my butt a little bit, and I started slacking. My writing routine and good habits kind of went out the window. I got a fair bit done photo-business-wise, but very little done writing- and blog-wise. Which, actually, you may have noticed. I posted less in May, and missed my Monthly Update altogether.

That’s where things stand going into June: I didn’t meet my goals for the last two months, barely even set any in May to begin with, and my regular routine is on pretty shaky ground.

Can you guess what I’m going to work on this month?

June’s goals

  1. Get my routine back in order.
  2. Rebuild my good habits.
  3. Write!

That’s it. Those are my big goals for the month. I need to get myself back in order, and that means making my goals less project-specific and more over-arching.

So that’s going to be my June, folks. What’s yours looking like?

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