Favourite five: Food-related blogs to follow

Who doesn’t love food? While I’ve cut back on the number of food-related posts on my blog lately, I don’t have it in me to stop posting them altogether. And I certainly can’t stop reading food-related blogs.

Today, as part of my monthly series of Favourite Five posts, I want to share five of my favourite food-related blogs with you. While I usually like them because of their recipe potential, I also enjoy reading some of the other posts that they share: things like kitchen gadget reviews, renovation projects, or a multitude of other subjects. I hope you enjoy them as much as I tend to.

joy the baker logo

Joy the Baker updates about twice a week, sharing recipes and updates from Joy’s personal life. While many of her recipes are–as the blog’s name implies–foods you would bake, she also has plenty more to offer.

cookies and cups logo

If you want a blog with a heavy focus on desserts, look no further than Cookies & Cups. While she does offer plenty of other recipes, dessert is what Shelly is known for. You’re bound to find something you’ll want to make.

pinch of yum logo

Now, Pinch of Yum, on the other hand, has a heavy focus on recipes you would use as the feature piece at your next dinner party. Lindsay also posts a lot of vegetarian recipes, though she doesn’t limit her blog to strictly vegetarian meals.

damn delicious logo

I’ve made a few recipes featured on Damn Delicious, and I’ve enjoyed each one of them. The site offers a wide variety, so you’re bound to find something there that you want to try for yourself.

kitchn logo

Finally, the kitchn is probably the most varied site on this list. It offers a lot more than just recipes, giving you plenty to read each day.

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