They help keep me going

Espresso Bean Close-Up

Yes, lots of things help keep me going. My family and friends in particular.

But, a lot of mornings, so does caffeine. It helps wake me up when I’m trying to fully wrap my head around my work, it helps put me in a better mood, and it helps make me a better conversationalist. Or, some mornings, able to hold a conversation in the first place.

I like my coffee in the form of lattes or mochas especially, or in tea. I’ll admit, though, that I haven’t tried working with whole coffee beans before. And that I may have only bought these ones for the photo opportunity. (If you’re curious about why, this Instagram photo will explain it.) I don’t have the right equipment to make lattes or anything with these beans, but I may be able to grind them up and try making cold brew coffee.

My original plan was to give them to someone, but, I mean, they smelled so good when I was taking their picture. I don’t think I can give them up now.

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