Monthly update: June 2017

Ready for a joyous June? That sounds Christmas-y, doesn’t it? Oh well. June seems like a joyous sort of month, too.

Summer officially starts, the weather has improved drastically (here, at least), and I’m less than a month away from a family vacation. I’d say those are enough reasons to be joyful, wouldn’t you?

Adding more good-feels to all of that is how much I accomplished in May. While I’m still not quite where I’d like to be, productivity-wise, I’m much closer.

May’s goals

  1. Get a third of the way through V&L revisions.
  2. Post to Litsy twice.
  3. Register for a writing event.
  4. Submit short stories to at least thee publishing or contest opportunities.

Ready for those good-feels? I completed everything on that list.

Okay, so maybe a couple of them were actually finished on June 2. I’m still counting them as complete, because two days isn’t far off. And it still feels wonderful.

For June, I’m hoping to continue, and maybe even further, that momentum. Here are my goals for the month:

June’s goals

  1. Get two-thirds of the way through V&L revisions.
  2. Prepare my query letter for BC.
  3. Post to Instagram twice per week.

That list may seem shorter, but it’s only because I turned some of last month’s list into monthly expectations. From here on, I plan to register for at least one writing event per month,  and to post to Litsy at least twice per month. I don’t feel they should be listed as goals anymore.

As for my actual list of goals, everything is pretty straight-forward. I’ll aim to get another third of my V&L revisions done. Preparing a query letter for BC shouldn’t be too difficult. And posting to Instagram twice per week… well, that one may be the hardest for me. I’m going to have to step up my photography game for it.

How about you? Did you set some attainable goals this month?

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