Cover reveal: To End the Rapture, by Lori Parker

One of the many cool things about signing up to take part in a cover reveal is that you never quite know what you’re gonna get. Sure, you have an idea of what you could get. The category, genre, and summary are usually enough for that. But you can’t possibly know exactly what’s coming. Even better, you can’t predict how you’ll react to it.

I was sharply reminded of that last point when I opened the reveal details for the updated cover of Lori Parker’s To End the Rapture. I’m not sure what I expected, but it certainly wasn’t what I got: when I opened this cover, a low and quiet “Oh,” ran through my mind. I couldn’t help pausing and spending a little more time than usual taking it in.

Want to see what I mean?

I may have fallen a little in love with it. But can you blame me? It’s sexy, it’s dramatic, and it leaves me wanting more.

About the Book

My name is Tyler. Yes, I’m a girl. And if you have a demon problem don’t call me, I’m retired.

Tyler Reed is done dealing with demons. After suffering a brutal loss at the hands of one, she runs away to a small town in Iowa to recover. With only her loyal cat, Bear, by her side she starts life over. Demon free. Until Kade walks into the bar she works at and tempts her back into her old ways.

It’s almost like he’s a sin.


About the Author

Lori Parker does a great many things in her spare time. Writing just happens to be one of them. She’s mother/minion of the first order to the next Supreme. When she’s not writing, designing covers, and reining in her daughter, she’s on facebook chatting with her soulmate from north of the Wall.

Facebook | Goodreads | Website 

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