Final flower

Final Flower

No, this isn’t likely to be the last picture of a flower that I ever post. But it is the last of the flowers from the strawberry plant I bought this past summer.

I loved that plant. The flowers it grew were so lovely; the little soft-pink petals and bright-yellow centres always caught my eye when I walked by. And the fruit it produced was amazingly sweet. Sure, I would have liked if more strawberries would’ve popped up, but I was pretty happy with the amount I got.

When fall came around and we started getting frost overnight, I brought my little strawberry plant inside. My hope was that it would continue to grow cute little strawberries all winter, and then I could put it back outside in the spring. Technically, the plant was in a hanging pot. But I placed it on a small table in front of my window for the time being.

And then the baby spiders appeared. I looked over at the plant one day, and I saw little specks of something hanging in the centre of the hook. I leaned in closer… and realized the little specks were moving. When I looked down at the rest of the plant, I saw more of them–more than I could count.

I put the plant back outside after that. It won’t be returning to the house.

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