Mushroom cap

Mushroom cap

I’m not sure where these mushrooms came from. They just kind of appeared one morning, out beside the cement path leading up to my condo. But, I knew as soon as I spotted them that I would need to get a picture of them.

They have such a leathery, yet soft texture on top. Not that I felt them. I don’t know enough about mushrooms to know if these ones would have have been safe, or if they would have left behind a residue that could be harmful to me or Cookie, regardless of washing my hands afterward. Or even if mushrooms can be that harmful. It’s quite likely that they can’t, and I was being over-cautious.

Regardless, I’m glad they popped up, and I’m really glad that I noticed them. They were a nice little surprise when I left the house that first morning.

Have you ever come outside to discover a surprise growing in your yard? Was it a good one–or did you want to get rid of it as soon as possible?

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