Cotton candy snow

Sunset on Snow

I’m one of the first people to admit that living on the prairies comes with its drawbacks. The wind and cold, in particular, stand out as reasons to question your sanity for living here. (Don’t believe me? Then I direct you to the rant one man left on a CBC voicemail–but be warned, there’s some pretty NSFW language in there.)

But, despite those drawbacks, I love the prairies. We have fields full of golden wheat and yellow canola, trees with leaves that turn more colours than I can count, and some indescribably beautiful lightning storms.

Then there’s the sky. Vast and gorgeous, it’s a view that you can’t possibly beat. It’s my favourite part of the prairie landscape.

And, yes, my prairie love carries over into the winter months, too. Because even though it’s cold and windy, there’s also snow. Pretty, sparkly snow. I’ll take snow over cold any day.

When you combine that snow with a clear prairie sunset, you get something amazing: cotton candy snow. When I look out my window in the evening to see the sunset’s pink and blue hues reflecting off the snowbanks in my parking lot, I can’t help but smile. Even if part of that sunset is blocked by my condo building.

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