So, you may have already noticed it. But, if not, I’ll go ahead and point it out to you.

I’ve updated my website’s URL. I’m still using WordPress, but you can now find this blog (and my other pages, of course) by just typing in

I admit, it feels a bit odd to have my own URL. Especially one that just uses my name. But I also feel like not registering it would have been a mistake. Because what if I waited and somebody else registered it first? Then I’d be out of the custom URL that I can most easily be found at. And, since I’m here blogging anyway, I figured it would be best to use one that was similar to the URL I already had.

So, has been born. The old URL should still send you here, but it might be a good idea to update your links, just in case.

How about you, readers? Have any of you gone ahead and registered a domain? Did it feel odd to you, too?