Recipe review: Pastry Affair’s Christmas Sugar Cookies

Pastry Affair's Sugar Cookies

Remember last week, when I shared with you my method for making Cookie Cut-Arounds? Well, here’s where the ones I made for that post ended up being used.

Sugar cookies are probably my favourite shaped cookie. They have such a light, subtle flavour, and when made right, the cookies are soft in the middle with just the right amount of crispiness at the edges. And Pastry Affair’s recipe for Christmas Sugar Cookies made it easy to get that result.


All in all, the dough for this recipe was pretty easy to bring together. You just gradually add each of your ingredients, and let your mixing bowl do most of the work.

Honestly, the most you have to plan for is the time. The dough needs to rest in the fridge for about an hour so that it’s firm enough to roll out, so you may want to take that time to start preparing any icing you plan on using. Or you could just sit back and relax for a while – that’s the route I ended up choosing.

Ball of Sugar Cookie dough

I found the dough to be a bit sticky, so you’ll want to make sure you have a lot of flour on hand. Use some on the counter, and then also spread a bit on your rolling pin. If you do that, the dough will easily spread out to the right thickness.

When it came time to cut the cookies, I had no problem using my Cookie Cut-Arounds and a knife. The floured surface allowed the cookies to easily come up off the counter, and the cookies held their shape really well in the oven.

Rolled Sugar Cookie dough

To be honest, the only problem I had with these cookies (as you may notice in a couple of the photos) was the icing. Pastry Affair’s recipe didn’t come with one, so I worked with something that I found in one of the cooking magazines on my shelf. Unfortunately, the icing didn’t hold it’s shape very well, even after I let the cookies thoroughly cool. So next time, I’ll definitely be trying out a different icing recipe. Pastry Affair’s cookie recipe, however, is one I plan on adding to my Use Again list.

Pastry Affair's Sugar Cookies

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