Wednesday links: Inspiration, beginnings and rejections

I love regularly reading tips and advice articles in certain subjects — particularly writing and publishing. I don’t always need the information right then, but I know that it’ll eventually come in handy. Or at least, I hope it will.

I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to find every useful advice article that’s out there. So I thought I’d bring you a few.

Here are the tips and advice articles that jumped out at me the most over the past week.

1. Common Problems With Beginnings, from Pub(lishing) Crawl: I’ve posted links to articles that discuss beginnings before, but I want to add this one to the “useful” list. It covers a few ideas other articles didn’t, and gives you a couple of things to consider. Excerpt: “But action without context is meaningless. It’s just a jumble. Someone’s in a car crash — and that’s very sad, but in a distant sort of way.”

2. Why  You’re Getting Rejections, from Rachelle Gardner: Yes, most agent rejections are the result of either your query or your manuscript. But some aren’t, and Gardner uses this post to explain what one of the other reasons may be. Excerpt: “Your query may need work. Your book may need work. OR… Your query and your book might be just fine and plenty of people would enjoy it.”

And a bonus: Courtney Summers posted a list about writing over on Tumblr. It’s wonderful, inspirational and true all at the same time. Excerpt: “Sometimes it feels great and turns out terrible. Sometimes it feels terrible and turns out great.”

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    1. Thank you! I’m glad you like the excerpts; I know something like that always helps me get a better idea of whether or not I want to read the original article, so I wanted to give others the same opportunity.

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