Ready for berries

My strawberries are growing, but not nearly as quickly as they normally do. The plant itself is doing really well; it's getting big and it's super green. But the berries themselves? There's room for improvement. A few have come in so far, but they haven't gotten very big. I think the largest is maybe the... Continue Reading →

Strawberries in October

This really wasn't a sight I expected to see on my front porch in October. It's even more surprising right now, considering we've been getting snow nearly every day for the past week. Based on this weather, though, I doubt I'll be getting any more than these few. I'm not even sure that these ones... Continue Reading →

Strawberries and chocolate

They make such a good combination, don't you think? This pie seemed to take that a step further, though I can't say for sure. I made it for a fundraiser at work, so I didn't actually get to try it myself. Well, not in its entirety, at least. There was chocolate custard left after I... Continue Reading →

Recipe: Strawberry-Swirled Lemon Loaf

Cravings--we all get them. Yet there are some flavour cravings that I rarely get. Salt, for example, or anything sour. Lemons fall into that latter category. And yet, every once in a while, they happen. A couple of weeks ago, I was hit by a major craving for something lemon-flavoured. Especially a lemon-flavoured baked something.... Continue Reading →

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