Book recommendation: Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng

A copy of Little Fires Everywhere, by Celeste Ng, beside a camera

This is another one of those posts that’s coming to you later than I meant it to, but means no less to me because of that. I read Celeste Ng’s Little Fires Everywhere earlier in the summer, as part of a book club. I really quite enjoyed it, and knew as soon as I started it that I would be posting a recommendation for it.

It just… took me a while to actually write that recommendation. That’s due to no fault of the book, of course. Trust me. This is definitely one you’re going to want to pick up and start reading for yourself.

Let me tell you a little more about it.

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Updated book recommendation: The Book of Stanley, by Todd Babiak


(Note: This recommendation was first published in September of 2013. You can see the original version here.)

The Book of Stanley, by Todd Babiak, caught my attention because of its quirky nature. Or what seemed to be a quirky nature, based on the summary. The presumption turned out to be correct, and I quite enjoyed it.

That said, the novel may not necessarily be one that everyone will enjoy. And I’ll admit, it almost didn’t appeal to me. It pulled through in the end, though, and I’m happy to say that I’d still recommend giving it a shot.

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Book recommendation: Wicked, by Gregory Maguire

Are you surprised that I’ve read Wicked, by Gregory Maguire? You’re probably not, if you’ve been reading my book recommendations. After all, I kept you pretty up to date as I read my way through L. Frank Baum’s Oz series.

What may surprise you, though, is that I’ve read Wicked three or four times now. It’s one of those novels that I keep coming back to. Though, admittedly, I need to be in just the right frame of mind to do so.

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Book recommendation: The Other Typist, by Suzanne Rindell

Let’s kick this book recommendation off with an admission: when I picked up The Other Typist, ready to dive into reading it, I had no idea what to expect. Sure, I’d read the summary on the book flap. And sure, I’d picked it out of the “fiction and literature” section of the bookstore.

But, I didn’t know what genre it actually fell into. Would I be reading a romantic story, or a tragic one? A suspenseful thriller or lighthearted tale of friendship?

It turned out that The Other Typist had a little bit of all four. At least, I think it did. I’m still not entirely sure.

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Book recommendation: Robin Hood, by Henry Gilbert

Robin Hood is, quite possibly, one of the English world’s oldest heroes. True, nobody knows for sure if he was real, but the tales of the deeds of him and his band of Merry Men have lasted through several centuries.

Henry Gilbert’s version of Robin Hood doesn’t necessarily touch on all of the Robin Hood ballads, but it does cover quite a few. The tales included in the novel start with how Robin became an outlaw, and they end with the story of his death. Covering everything from love to war and from mercy to vengeance, they’re a wonderful and thorough introduction to the folklore.

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