Christmas traditions

My family has its share of Christmas traditions. Some of them have changed a bit over the years, as my family has grown and aged. Others, however, have remained the same for as long as I can remember. This bear ornament is one of them. It's made of glass, painted gold and red. The paint... Continue Reading →

Christmas prep

It's taking me longer than usual to get ready for Christmas this year. I only managed to get my decorations on my tree yesterday, and I don't have nearly as many around my home as I usually do. As for presents? I have three wrapped. Which is... less than a quarter of what I need... Continue Reading →


I love the way a Christmas tree looks when it's all lit up in the evening. There's just something so cozy and lovely about it. Something nostalgic. Then you add in the ornaments, and things just get even better. Especially if they have some sparkle in them. They just seem to tie everything together so... Continue Reading →

Butterfly season

Here in Saskatchewan, butterfly season is still months away, but a part of me wishes it were here already. Instead, this little crystal cutie has been helping to tide me over until the real butterflies come fluttering out.


Alright, so I don't think this little guy is actually supposed to be Frosty. But he's cute, and he reminds me of Frosty. That's good enough, right? Whether it is or not, I'm still glad I snapped a picture of him. I saw him sitting among the branches of my Christmas tree, sparkling in the... Continue Reading →

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