Butterfly season

Crystal Butterfly

Well, okay, so here in Saskatchewan, butterfly season is still months away. But a part of me wishes it were here already. All warm and sunny.

Though, truth be told, I don’t mind cuddling up under a blanket inside much, either.

Regardless, this little crystal cutie has been helping to tide me over until the real butterflies come fluttering out. That’s why I wanted to feature her today–so that I could share her with the rest of you, in the hopes that she would help tide you over, too.

Here’s the thing, though. I couldn’t decide which angle I liked best. The one above gives you a fuller view, but the one below is a little more… I don’t know. It seems like the butterfly might actually be in flight, somehow.

So, what do you think? Do you prefer one shot over the other?

Crystal Butterfly 2



Snowman Ornament

Alright, so I don’t think this little guy is actually supposed to be Frosty. But he’s cute, and he reminds me of Frosty. That’s good enough, right?

Whether it is or not, I’m still glad I snapped a picture of him. I saw him sitting among the branches of my Christmas tree, sparkling in the mid-morning sunlight, and I just knew he would make a great subject for this week’s photo post.

Though, I admit, his sparkles didn’t come through quite as well as I had hoped. That’s something I need to work on, but it doesn’t make me any less happy with the photo.

Why taking a week off made me busier than if I were working

Well, I promised you an explanation for why I was a bad blogger and didn’t post much over┬áthe past couple of weeks, and here it is.

I took a week off from my day job.

…That doesn’t make much sense, does it? Theoretically, if I took a week off work, shouldn’t I have had more time and not less? That was my assumption going into the week, anyway. I had planned to do some condo painting, get some writing done, and fit in plenty of relaxation — and then follow all of that up by dog-sitting for my brother and his girlfriend.

As it turns out, the condo painting and dog-sitting were the only things I managed to do. And I didn’t even manage to finish the condo painting.

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