In the spirit of giving

I'm not a religious person, so Christmas, for me, is about the time I spend with my family and friends. And during that time, many of us exchange presents. Setting aside the reactions the presents get–be they joy or humour, hopefully not disgust–I also happen to really enjoy wrapping the gifts. I'm not entirely sure... Continue Reading →


I love the way a Christmas tree looks when it's all lit up in the evening. There's just something so cozy and lovely about it. Something nostalgic. Then you add in the ornaments, and things just get even better. Especially if they have some sparkle in them. They just seem to tie everything together so... Continue Reading →

Ribbons and bows

I'm one of those bad people who wraps presents at the last minute. It isn't because I don't like wrapping them, either. I actually quite enjoy it--well, except for the part where Cookie tries to eat the wrapping paper. No, my last-minute wrapping habit has nothing to do with any lack of enjoyment, and everything... Continue Reading →

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