Recipe: Apple Cake

An apple cake

In some ways, I’m very late in getting this recipe posted. I meant to have it up months ago, but, well, I just never seemed to get it written.

But you know what? Posting it now works so much better, because this Apple Cake is perfect for fall. Apples are ready to be picked, and the spiced vanilla base is the perfect flavour for this time of year. You really can’t go wrong with it.

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Recipe review: AllYou’s Individual Apple Crisps

AllYou's Individual Apple Crisps

I have an odd rabbit.

…That’s a weird way to start a recipe review, isn’t it? But I promise it’s relevant.

Anyway, I have an odd rabbit. I’ve been trying to find out what fruits and vegetables she really likes, so that I know what I can give her as treats. So far, I’ve found one thing she loves (carrots), a few things she likes enough to eat, and a whole bunch of things she won’t even touch.

That in itself isn’t necessarily what makes her odd — it’s that she won’t touch any type of fruit. From what I understand, most rabbits love fruit, which is why so many people use it as treats. But Cookie? Nope. I’ve tried giving her about five or six different types of fruit now, but she hasn’t eaten a bit of any of it.

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