Cover reveal: Clowders, by Vanessa Morgan

When I read the summary for Vanessa Morgan’s Clowders, I couldn’t help thinking how creepy the novel sounded. It features a local myth, one that, once it appears to be coming true, is absolutely chilling in nature.

After that, signing up to help reveal the cover took no thought. I just hoped the cover design would live up to the mood set by the summary.

And you know what? I’m not at all disappointed by what showed up in my inbox. This cover is just as creepy as the summary. Want to see for yourself?

Clowders cover

So, what do you think? Don’t those cats’ eyes get to you? Especially those two up at the top, the ones that you could almost, but not quite, mistake for something else.

About the book

Clervaux, Luxembourg. This secluded, picturesque town in the middle of Europe is home to more cats than people. For years, tourists have flocked to this place – also known as “cat haven” – to meet the cats and buy cat-related souvenirs.

When Aidan, Jess and their five-year-old daughter, Eleonore, move from America to Clervaux, it seems as if they’ve arrived in paradise. It soon becomes clear, though, that the inhabitants’ adoration of their cats is unhealthy. According to a local legend, each time a cat dies, nine human lives are taken as a punishment. To tourists, these tales are supernatural folklore, created to frighten children on cold winter nights. But for the inhabitants of Clervaux, the danger is darkly, horrifyingly real.

Initially, Aidan and Jess regard this as local superstition, but when Jess runs over a cat after a night out in the town, people start dying, one by one, and each time it happens, a clowder of cats can be seen roaming the premises.

Are they falling victim to the collective paranoia infecting the entire town? Or is something horrible waiting for them? Something unspeakably evil.

Aidan and Jess’ move to Europe may just have been the worst decision they ever made.

About the author

Vanessa MorganVanessa Morgan is an author, screenwriter, and blogger. Three of her stories (The Strangers Outside, A Good Man, and Next to Her) have become movies. When she’s not working on her latest book, you can find her reading, watching horror movies, digging through flea markets, or photographing felines for her blog, Traveling Cats. She lives in Belgium.





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