Wednesday links: relationships and sensitivity readers

I love regularly reading tips and advice articles in certain subjects — particularly writing and publishing. I don’t always need the information right then, but I know that it’ll eventually come in handy. Or at least, I hope it will.

I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to find every useful advice article that’s out there. So I thought I’d bring you a few. Here are the tips and advice articles that jumped out at me the most over the past week.

  1. Most Common Writing Mistakes, Pt. 57: Dead-End Relationships, from Helping Writers Become Authors: How engaging is the main relationship in your novel? If it isn’t very dynamic, you may need to look at featuring a different one. Excerpt: “A dead-end relationship is one that doesn’t ask questions and doesn’t evolve over the course of the story. It’s static.”
  2. What a Sensitivity Reader Is (and Isn’t) and How to Hire One, from Writer Unboxed: If you’re writing about a character whose culture is different from yours, or who may have a disability you don’t, you need to at least consider hiring a sensitivity reader. Excerpt: “Much like one might ask a cardiologist to read their story about a cardiologist for accuracy, a sensitivity read helps ensure that the portrayal of characters and worlds unknown to the author ring true. But more than that, it helps authors better yield the immense power and responsibility of their words.”

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