Sunday update

I’ve got a pretty quick update for you this week. Quick, because I’m not sure how long the break in today’s headache will last. But an update nonetheless, because I feel pretty bad for missing last week’s update.

Anyway, let’s take a quick look at my goals from two weeks ago:

  1. Get that My Thoughts on Writing post written.
  2. Revise at least 10 printed pages of C&C.
  3. Revise at least 6 chapters of V&L.
  4. Start work on a new short story.

Despite having two weeks to work on these goals, I only got two of them done. The writing post went up on Thursday (it’s about my troubles with a particular genre), and I’ve started a new short story. But, I didn’t get any editing done.

Instead, I built myself a fireplace surround and read through a couple of chapters for one of my critique partners. Well, there was quite a bit of family time and relaxing time in there, too, but those were the more accomplishment-related things that I did.

But still, two out of four goals accomplished, plus a couple of unexpected ones, isn’t too bad.

Of course, I’m sure you know what’ll happen with the two I didn’t accomplish. Right, they’ll be added to this week’s list.

  1. Revise at least 10 printed pages of C&C.
  2. Revise at least 6 chapters of V&L.
  3. Start planning my NaNoWriMo novel.

Does anybody else feel November creeping up on them faster than usual? I certainly do. So, I’m hoping to get a bit of an early start on it by planning early this year.

I’m just not entirely sure what this year’s novel is going to be about.

But, that’s what planning is for, right?

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