Wednesday links: Setting

I love regularly reading tips and advice articles in certain subjects — particularly writing and publishing. I don’t always need the information right then, but I know that it’ll eventually come in handy. Or at least, I hope it will.

I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to find every useful advice article that’s out there. So I thought I’d bring you a few.

Here are the tips and advice articles that jumped out at me the most over the past week.

1. Make Your Setting More than Pretty Scenery, from Writer Unboxed: More often than not, setting plays an important role in your novel. It can affect who your character is and what they choose to do, among other things. So it’s important to give it the role it deserves. Excerpt: “So how can you create a setting that stays with readers? Create it with the same care and thought that you use to craft your characters, and then make them work together — or, depending on your story line, against each other.”

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