Book excerpt: Still, by Camilla Monk

Confession time: There have been moments–be they drawn from delight or stress–when I’ve wanted to stop time. Really, though, who hasn’t made that wish?

Then again, as this excerpt from Camilla Monk’s Still proves, stopping time may not be all we want it to be. Don’t take my word for that, though. Go ahead and check out the excerpt for yourself.

Before you do, though, hop on over to Camilla’s Rafflecopter giveaway. She’s handing out five signed copies of Still, and you might just be lucky enough to win one!

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Cover reveal: The Night Realm, by Annette Marie

One of my favourite aspects of a good cover is the promise that it makes. It can tell you so much–everything from what genre you can expect to what emotions you may encounter along the way. While it won’t tell you exactly what will happen in the novel, a good cover will help prepare you for the read.

The cover of The Night Realm, by Annette Marie, is one such example. From what I can tell, it does the job it’s supposed to: it promises a great novel. Today, I’m happy to help reveal it. Click on through to take a look.

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Cover reveal: Quincey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, by Candace Robinson

I don’t know about you, but mysterious or suspenseful book summaries tend to hook me more easily than any others. And I don’t mean just a general story question; I mean the type of question that leaves me wondering if lives are at stake.

Quinsey Wolfe’s Glass Vault, by Candace Robinson, fits that description perfectly. I was captured as soon as I read the summary. Today, I’m happy to be helping to reveal the cover.

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Cover reveal: Gallowglass, by Jennifer Allis Provost

Sometimes, I can’t fully explain what draws me toward a book, particularly if I haven’t seen the cover yet. All I know is that something in the summary–maybe the characters, maybe the language, maybe the setting–pulls me in.

This was the case with Gallowglass, by Jennifer Allis Provost. I don’t entirely know what drew me in, but something did. Enough that I didn’t hesitate before signing up to help reveal the cover.

If you’re ready to see it, and to learn more about the book, click on through to the rest of the post.

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Cover reveal: Illusionary by Desiree Williams

I know people say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but let’s face facts: we all do it. For good reason, too. I don’t know about you, but I’m generally not looking for something specific when I go into a book store. I’m there to browse, to wander through the shelves until the cost of the books I’ve chosen exceed my budget.

When I’m wandering the shelves like that, my first instinct really is to judge a book by its cover. Or by the spines, at the very least. Everything from the colours to the font to the pictures affect whether or not I pick a book up to read the summary on the back.

The cover of Illusionary, by Desiree Williams, would definitely catch my attention enough to make me pick it up. Today, I’m quite happy to be helping reveal it to the world. Click on through to check it out, then read on to the end of the post for your chance to win a copy.

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