Book excerpt: The Second Window, by Erica Kiefer

There are a lot of things that can draw me into a novel, but one of the strongest pulls–and sometimes one of the most difficult to achieve–is contrasting suspense against a light voice. I’m not just talking about the tension in a novel; tension is a given, and generally comes across clearly no matter the voice. I’m talking about books that fall into the Suspense genre.

Erica Kiefer’s young adult novel The Second Window falls into two genres: Suspense and Romance. I haven’t read it yet, but you can bet it’s on my list. Especially now that I’ve read this excerpt from the first chapter. The voice is light but gripping, providing that contrast I just mentioned.

Before you take a look at the excerpt, hop over to Erica’s giveaway, where one lucky winner will receive a Clean Teen Publishing Mystery Box.

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Book recommendation: Sun Storm, by Marlow Kelly


Remember back in August, when I helped reveal the cover of Sun Storm, by Marlow Kelly? At that point, I said the novel sounded like the type of book that makes you question who’s going to survive, but in the best way possible.

I’ve had the chance to read it now, and you know what? My initial impression was right. Not only is Sun Storm a wonderful romance, it’s also a great choice if you want something suspenseful.

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Cover reveal: Sun Storm, by Marlow Kelly

Romance can be good all on its own, but adding a second element can take a novel up to new heights. If I’m reading a romance novel, one of my favourite secondary elements is suspense. Not the type of suspense that makes you wonder if the couple will end up together; I’m talking about the type that makes you wonder who’s going to survive.

Sun Storm, by Marlow Kelly, sounds like exactly that type of novel. The summary had me hooked, and I couldn’t resist helping to reveal the cover. And I have to say, the cover helps build suspense just as much as the summary.

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Cover reveal: Pitcher Plant: A Pacific Northwest Suspense, by Melissa Eskue Ousley

The relationship between a cover and book summary can have more of an effect on a potential reader than a lot of people realize. Sure, they both have to be great in their own right. But their they also need to come together to create a cohesive theme or vibe, rather than contradict each other.

Melissa Eskisehir Ousley’s cover and summary of Pitcher Plant: A Pacific Northwest Suspense do a wonderful job of coming together to create that cohesive vibe. And it’s one that fits the book’s summary perfectly: downright creepy. Which makes me very happy to be helping to reveal the cover.

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Book recommendation: The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins


Have you figured out yet that I tend to be pretty slow to read really popular books? This isn’t on purpose, but it does seem to happen fairly often. Gone Girl, the Percy Jackson series, On Writing… and those are just a few of my more recent late-to-the-party reads.

I doubt my streak is going to end any time soon. It certainly didn’t when it came to today’s recommendation: The Girl on the Train, by Paula Hawkins.

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