Book recommendation: Clowders, by Vanessa Morgan

Clowders, by Vanessa Morgan

I don’t watch a lot of horror movies, but I do watch horror TV shows. Not many of them, but a few. Mostly, though, I satisfy my horror craving by reading books in the genre.

You know what’s particularly satisfying, though? A horror novel written in a way that has me picturing its scenes as though I’m watching a horror movie. It doesn’t happen very often, and I’m always left a little extra impressed when it does.

That’s the type of experience I got when I read Clowders, by Vanessa Morgan. I can’t guarantee you’ll have that exact same experience if you read it, but, if you’re a fan of eerie horror stories, I’m sure you’ll at least enjoy it.

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Cover reveal: Death by the River, by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor

When’s the last time you read something creepy? If your answer is, “It’s been a while,” then you should change that. Soon.

In the meantime, you should at least take a look at a creepy cover. I can even help you out with that. Today’s post is dedicated to helping reveal the cover of Death by the River, by Alexandrea Weis and Lucas Astor, and there’s really just one thing I can think of to say about it: Wow.

Seriously, you guys, it’s that good. Are you ready to take a look?

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Book recommendation: The Marbury Lens, by Andrew Smith

The Marbury Lens by Andrew Smith

I won’t lie: The Marbury Lens, by Andrew Smith, is one of those books I had on my to-read list for a long time before I read it. I don’t even know why it took me so long; every time I saw the book, my desire to read it was renewed. I just never seemed to get to it, for some reason.

That changed recently. I was looking for something a little bit dark, a little bit literary, and a little bit fantasy. The Marbury Lens fit that perfectly.

True, that can be a bit of an odd combination, but it works for this book. Don’t believe me? Well, here’s your chance to check it out for yourself–I’m giving away a copy of the book. You can hop on over to my rafflecopter giveaway* now, if you like. Entering is as simple as clicking a few buttons.

Now, are you ready to learn a bit more about The Marbury Lens?

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Wednesday links: Critique groups and writing monsters

I love regularly reading tips and advice articles in certain subjects — particularly writing and publishing. I don’t always need the information right then, but I know that it’ll eventually come in handy. Or at least, I hope it will.

I know there are a lot of other people out there who feel the same way I do, but sometimes it can be difficult to find every useful advice article that’s out there. So I thought I’d bring you a few. Here are the tips and advice articles that jumped out at me the most over the past week.

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Book recommendation: It, by Stephen King


I’m not a big fan of horror movies; they tend to put me too on-edge, make me too jumpy. And yet, I’m somehow pulled to them. I want to know what they’re about and how they turn out. Especially if they have a really great trailer.

IT is one of the most recent examples. The trailers look amazing, tempting me to watch the full movie. I don’t fully trust myself to do so, however. So instead, I re-read the book, written by Stephen King.

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