Ready for the oven

When I was baking last weekend, brownies weren't the only thing I made. Yes, there was a request for brownies, but I was craving chocolate chip cookies. So I went ahead and made some. They turned out wonderfully, too: Soft, with a sweet-but-subtle base. And not one, but three kinds of chips: milk chocolate, white… Continue reading Ready for the oven

My Thoughts on Writing

Scrivener tip: Using the corkboard view to outline your novel

I switched over to using Scrivener for the vast majority of my writing more than five years ago, and I've been in love with it ever since. I find it an easy platform to work with, and I always seem to find a new feature to use. One of my favourites is the corkboard feature.… Continue reading Scrivener tip: Using the corkboard view to outline your novel

A couple of white, purple, and yellow orchids, backlit by the sun.
Favourite Five lists

Favourite five: Photos taken in 2019

If you've been following my blog for the past couple of years, you may remember that, near the beginning of each year, there are a few things I like to look back on. Most relevant here are old posts, including the photos I've shared. It was tough narrowing down the photos for this year's favourite… Continue reading Favourite five: Photos taken in 2019

A close-up of purple and pink flowers.

Intentional colours

Flowers are such pretty photo subjects, don't you think? They're one of my favourite things to shoot. These ones were a Valentine's gift from my boyfriend, and, I have to say, he has wonderful taste. The types of flowers, and their colours, were exactly what I would have chosen myself. So I couldn't resist photographing… Continue reading Intentional colours