Experimenting with fire

I don't have a very fun story to share for today's photo. I wasn't even technically reading, or sitting with the fireplace on, the evening that I took it. Though the book featured is a good one, and I do always enjoy an evening fire. No, I was just in the mood to experiment with... Continue Reading →

Writing update: September 2020

August was... so much busier than I expected. The month didn't go the way I'd anticipated, but that wasn't necessarily a bad thing. Honestly, it led to some interesting developments in my writing. Nothing like a contract or anything, but still. I'm excited to see how everything pans out. Novel-length WIPs I got a little... Continue Reading →

Dipping in

I have one more star-focused photo for you this weekend, and then we'll be switching back to other items for a while. I took this one the same night I took yesterday's photo. It was, however, a lot more difficult to capture. In the photo I shared yesterday, the lights along the lake would show... Continue Reading →

Starry nights

Living in the city provides a lot of wonderful photo opportunities, but it does have some photography drawbacks. I've talked in the past about how it can make it difficult to find wildlife, but it hit me recently that there's another subject that isn't always easy to capture: a starry night sky. A couple of... Continue Reading →

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